Loubov Mintas


I am a 60+ year old Russian-English speaker, wife and mother, with more than 20 years of experience in Research Administration and Data Collection through Interviews. I have worked at Stanford University School of Medicine (Department of Psychiatry: Nancy Pritzker Laboratory of Behavioral Neurochemistry, and the Department of Genetics: the Laboratories of Leonard A. Herzenberg and Leonore A. Herzenberg and Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting Facility) and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (and (Heart and Vascular Institute and Departments of Nephrology and Department of Neurosurgery). I worked as an Editorial Assistant for the HANDBOOK OF EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY with the Drs. Herzenbergs (4 volumes). LVM Solutions, LLC, is the hub for my projects – I am currently working on a book regarding successful seniorhood.

My daughter and collaborator, Sophia Mintas, is a Musician, Montessori Music Teacher, Performer, Piano Tuner, and Founder of the Mintas Music Academy of Music and MintasManna culinary projects and programs.

Together we step out from GodTalks.