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NO Experience Required


Dear coach (or aspiring coach),

If you've wanted to help people...

...So you can create a "before and after" moment in people’s lives...

...But felt like you've been hindered from helping as many people as you want because you don't know how to attract clients, conduct effective coaching sessions, or handle 'business stuff' like proposals, agreements, or calls...

...Then this might just be the most important letter you've read this year.

You see, after running a profitable coaching business for decades myself…

...And also helping over 2,423 students start their coaching business or helping them take their existing coaching business to a new level...

...I've decided to package everything I know—without holding anything back—and give it to anyone who is serious about helping others and building a thriving coaching business.

Think of it as an "ultimate resource" that handles every possible question you might have about getting clients, running coaching calls, marketing yourself, and more.

Not only that...

...But I've also put my entire coaching team at your service—the same team that's helping my own personal clients—so they can make the journey even easier for you.

AND… I'm also going to promote you to MY FOLLOWING and FEATURE YOU on the Website, because I'm booked all the time and can't possibly take every prospect who wants me to coach them.

That’s why…


Invested in coaching programs and certifications that promise you the world (but fail to deliver), or tell you you'll find the solution in their "next tier" (for an “extra fee").

Been told that you have a gift to help and guide people, but deal with so-called imposter syndrome or thoughts like "I don't know how to conduct coaching sessions", "what will my family or friends think of me?", or "where the heck will I get my first (or next) client?"

Faced a tricky business situation and didn't know how to solve it, leaving you clueless and unmotivated. (Here's a common one: a prospect tells you, "Send me a proposal," you craft an entire action plan in Canva for an hour, send it to them, and *never hear from them again*)

Felt alone in your coaching journey, wondering if everything will work out in the end or if you're even doing the right thing.

Don't have the guidance or the resources you need to thrive as a coach, impact others' lives, and have a full bank account regardless of what part of the world you live in.

Fear that the coaching industry is "saturated" and that there's no room for you because "everyone's a coach now".

Have zero clue as to where your first or next client will come from and rely on client-attraction methods you have no control over (such as word of mouth)

Have a commoditized skill set and are selling the same life coaching services that everyone else and their grandma offers. (Even competing with others for rates like $20 an hour.)

...Then look no further. You'll forget about these problems for good.

Tom Mofett

But first, you might be wondering...

"Who is this guy, and why should I listen to him?"

I'm Ed Rush.


My entire coaching journey started 16 years ago when someone saw my business strategy (which had nothing to do with coaching at all) and asked me:


"I want to hire you for a consulting day. How much is that going to cost?"


I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten that question before, but the first time is terrifying (even for a Top Gun pilot!)


Add to my anxiety a BIG problem: I had no idea how much I "cost." I had never done any coaching before. I didn’t know the first thing about charging money.


So I blurted out the first thought that came to mind:


“Um, my ‘normal rate’ is $5,500, but I'll give you the friend's price and do it for $2,500.”


My new client then threw out his hand, looked me in the eyes with a gleam of excitement, and told me:




All of a sudden, I was a coach! Not only that, but exactly ONE week after our first coaching session, my client made over $189,000 from a product we invented together.


Talk about fast results!!


Today, sixteen years later...


  • I have personally consulted over 657 clients (from all walks of life). (These are 1-on-1 clients as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of event attendees and tens of thousands of students.)
  • These clients now pay me between $24,000 and $120,000. (These are real numbers. I have the receipts. I think it’s important to say that since there is a lot of fluff out there these days, and this is the real deal).
  • And the best part is many of them have become lifelong friends and allies. Many come back year after year, willing to pay my high fees because the coaching is so valuable to them.


But what's more valuable is, I've learned every possible lesson there is to learn about running a coaching business, getting new clients, marketing yourself, dealing with stuff like agreements or proposals, and overall mastering the coaching business game.


And what's even more valuable is...


...In the process, I grabbed my bestselling book, God Talks, and turned it into an entire coaching methodology. Then I trained a whole slew of new and established coaches to coach others using the God Talks Method. AND with their new skillset, they also learned to position themselves as the most logical option to do business with for people looking to make big decisions (because God will give you the answer, and who doesn't want an answer from God himself?)

Gary Rush Testimonial
Kella Olson Testimonial


The God Talks Method Is the Easiest Coaching Method You’ll Ever Deliver
(Because God Answers Your Clients’ Questions, Not You)
and It’s Supremely Profitable (Because Almost Nobody Knows This Skill)

Now you might also be thinking...

"Sure Ed, it worked for you... But will it work for me?"

That's one of the two most common questions I get when someone's thinking about learning these skills. The other question is "Will I actually be able to make money with this?"

And over a decade ago, I decided to answer this question for good.

In fact, a friend challenged me to answer this question by putting my money where my mouth is.

At the time, I was a highly paid-business advisor. (This was a few years after that first client). I was charging five figures for a few coaching sessions, and I had more clients than I could possibly handle.

And my friend wanted to see if this system could work for anyone besides me.

So, I invited 127 people into my first program.

I showed them 3 simple things (in a way that pretty much nobody is teaching how):

    1. How to help people with their business.
    2. How to ask for the sale.
    3. And how to close a deal.

Then, I gave them all the scripts, forms and agreements they'd possibly need.

What's interesting is, about 75% of students didn't have any previous coaching or even business experience whatsoever! In this group, you could find:

a homeschool Mom

a baseball coach

a horse trainer

a radio producer for ABC / Disney

a motivational speaker

a retired doctor

a balloon vendor

a financial advisor

and other people from all imaginable backgrounds

Anyway, after 5 classes, I sent a survey to all my 127 students.

You won't believe what their response was...

87.4% of those who responded said they closed a major deal ranging from $2,000 to $250,000 within 2 months of taking the training!

In fact, 50% of those students had their "big deal" closed by the 2nd week! Talk about fast results!

Here are some of those first students…


Mind you, at that time, I didn't even have the breakthrough God Talks Method you're about to learn. After all, these were my initial students and, just like my first $2,500 coaching client, I didn't have an established process.

But now, over a decade later, I do.

In fact, I can confidently say that I've seen EVERY possible problem coaches face—whether they're just starting out or breaking to 7-figures—and handled it effectively. Several times.

And I've come up with the "ultimate solution", so you can build a thriving coaching business—whether you're just starting out or are an established coach—in as little time as possible.


The God Talks Certification is the ultimate resource for any aspiring, new, or established coach who wants to build a thriving coaching program in as little time as possible.

In fact, with the God Talks Certification, you'll:

Build a business that excites you to jump out of bed every morning, knowing you're helping others make difficult decisions (guided by no one other than God).

Attract more clients than you can possibly handle at what you might currently consider "outrageous" fees (such as $2,500 for a few coaching calls if you're new, or $10,000, $15,000 or more for a whole coaching package if you're a bit more experienced).

Gain instant recognition by being featured on our God Talks Website (something we've never done for any client before until this program).

Confidently handle any business situation that comes your way thanks to the support from my entire coaching team, from our coaching community, and support from the myriad of video resources available.

Have a unique, highly-effective skill that only about 0.001% of coaches have. We'll train you in our God Talks Coaching Method and show you the exact systems we're using for my own "big" coaching clients. (The expanded 3-step method from my bestselling book, God Talks)

Never worry about "business documents" again because you'll have every proposal, template, agreement, and script we've ever used to conduct business.

Confidently carry yourself as a coach because we'll teach you everything you need to know to present yourself professionally, conduct coaching sessions, and speak to decision-makers.

Know exactly how much to charge based on your current experience level and skills (and how to have clients happily pay for it—even if you currently consider these prices amazing or even far-fetched).

Stay up to date with the latest coaching and marketing strategies because you'll have access to every single recording of our God Talks live events.

With this said, if you've ever dreamed of becoming a coach...

...Or took the leap already, but feel a bit lost on how to run a coaching business...

...Then the *God Talks Certification* is right for you.

But after seeing everything included in the God Talks Certification...

...As well as the dozens of testimonials from people of all walks of life who got amazing results...

Luis Fortun Testimonial

You might still think...

"But Ed, will this work for me?”

…And I get it. I've had people come to me with that same concern.

In fact, most people who ask me this question have invested in previous coaching programs, courses, or certifications with no results to show for it.

What I've found from those certifications—and I'm not trying to point fingers—is that their content is weak. They promise you the world but don't give you the tools OR support to deliver on their promises. In fact, many programs and certifications, even from renowned authors or big names in the industry, have NO idea what they're talking about, because they've been out of the coaching game for so long. (In fact, some of them were never in the coaching game at all!)

That's why I built something different.

This method isn’t built on theory or fluff. It’s not theoretical. We’re not “hoping it works.”

This system flat-out works. I have years and years under my belt and a stack of success stories to prove it. There are people whose entire income stream comes from my coaching method.

Which brings me to another common question…

Annie Gaudette Testimonial

Is the Coaching Industry “Saturated”?

Or you might think:

"But Ed, isn't the coaching industry 'saturated'? Aren't there too many coaches nowadays?"

People who ask me this question don't know that, according to Statista...

…The Online Education Market is a whopping $185 billion market in 2024!

→ And because of its massive growth during and after the pandemic, it's expected to grow annually by 8.56%. Meaning that, by 2029, we'll be in a $279.3 billion dollar industry.

→ Not only that, but the consulting industry is a massive half-a-trillion-dollar business, which grew from $391 billion to $506 billion in only 8 years!

→ In fact, both Forbes and Inc. magazines are saying that a consulting business (even if it's home-based), is one of the top 10 most profitable businesses you can run or start today.

→ And want to know something else? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that 28% of consultants DON'T have a degree of any kind. (And they're not even counting the people whose degrees have nothing to do with their coaching businesses, such as people who graduated as nutritionists 20 years ago but eventually became a business coach).

Now, to fully answer your question...

…The US Small Business Association reports there are 23 million small businesses in America. 150 million worldwide.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there were 109,200 coaches in 2023.

Now, let's do some math, shall we?

Let's say about 50% of small businesses need help (it’s probably more, but let's go with that).

That leaves us with about 11.5 million businesses. Which means there are 11.5 million spread out to about 110,000 coaches.

That's 105 businesses for every ONE coach.

(Not to mention the millions of non-business
people who also really need your help.)

That would be IF all coaches were competent and knew how to market themselves properly, which, believe me, is not the case. (In fact, most coaches don’t know how to market themselves.) Nor do they have the tools or training to deliver exceptional results to clients.

So let's say that 80% of those 110,000 coaches can't get a client if their lives depended on it.

That leaves you with about 22,000 competent coaches and 11.5 million businesses (or much more) that need help.


That's about 523 opportunities for every competent coach.

Most people would…

Be happy to pay you $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 a month for your help (because in God Talks Coaching, I’ll show you how to create ongoing retainer deals).

Share a percentage of the profits when you help them make important decisions that result in substantial business growth.

Send you gifts, thank you cards, and messages for delivering a service (often delivered in a simple one-hour coaching call)

And we just did the math for business-to-business (B2B) matters. This doesn't even include coaching in the areas of health, relationships, fitness, mindset, marketing, or any particular skill people want to learn. In some of these cases, the market might be much bigger.

Last one…


How Qualified Do You Have to Be?

And the final, most common question I get:

"I don't think I'm 'qualified' enough to be a coach."

This thought is normal.

If you haven't taken the leap, or haven't coached for too long, you might deal with the all-too-famous imposter syndrome.

You might see the few other coaches with twenty years of experience and think every single coach is just like them.

But from experience, I can tell you...

...Almost no coach on earth is actually qualified to help people make big decisions in their business and life.

They either (1) don't have the tools and guidance to deliver a great service, or (2) don't know how to market themselves so they're actually in a position to find clients.

About 80% of coaches fall under one of these two categories. (Or both.)

This means that if you apply what you learn in the God Talks Certification, including…

Our unique method to deliver exceptional results to clients, by asking God their questions and facilitating the answer

Marketing strategies to attract more clients than you can possibly handle (just in case)

Every template, onboarding form, agreement, and script you could possibly need to deal with the negotiation, onboarding, and fulfillment process

And even our own personal endorsement in the God Talks Coach Listing, so you could get "whale clients" who disqualify about 99% of coaches out there

...You'd be more qualified than most coaches out there, and would be almost immediately bumped to your dream clients' "priority list", so you can establish yourself as a trusted coach, earn more than you currently think possible, and make a measurable impact in your client's lives.

With the God Talks Certification,
You Get Everything You Need To Know To Start,
Run, or Grow a Profitable Coaching Business…

...Regardless of your previous experience, current skill level, and connections.

You will:

Learn how to get new clients, what to charge, and how to conduct your coaching sessions.

Get trained on how to use the God Talks Method in coaching, and learn to use our proprietary audios and worksheets.

Create ongoing individual and corporate coaching deals that pay you month in and month out.

Hear real-life stories from people already using God Talks in their coaching business, so you can make more money by following “what’s working now” strategies.

Get tools, audios, forms, handouts, proposals, and everything you possibly need to create and launch a profitable, successful coaching program.

Get a Certified Coach Listing on our website, along with a certified coach seal, logo, and your contact details, so we can refer you work from big clients.

Jude Sullivan Testimonial

Join the God Talks Certification Now

This is THE system that equips you with a unique skill set, gives you all the tools to get clients, and features you in the renowned God Talks Coach Listing


You can get started right away—
within minutes of enrolling, you can begin your journey!


You Will Make 5 Monthly Payments of Just $897.



Payment Option #2
— Pay in Full —


Debora Parsons Testimonial

Just one more thing about the price...

I understand this is a big investment. And I know this might be a stretch for you. But many of my students have told me this is a crazy-good bargain, and here’s why…

The smallest coaching fee I am going to teach you to close is $5,000.00 for 6-months of coaching. (Just imagine getting a $5,000.00 check! Come on, you can do this!) I’ll even give you the forms, agreements, and proposals and teach you how to use them. After that, you can charge whatever you want (and keep all the money).

So…if all you do is get ONE deal at $5,000.00, you paid for your entire God Talks Certification (with $1,003 profit!).

AND…if you do JUST one deal a month, you rake in $60,000 in a year, which, if I am doing the math right, is a 15:1 return on your investment (ROI). Try getting your stock broker friend to beat that!

That makes this a total NO-Brainer.

And when you act now…

Brian Zonnefeld Testimonial

Fast Action Bonus:
Get a $1,997 Course FREE When You Act Now

If you enroll today, we will give you my legendary Top Gun Consultant course at no extra cost.

This is a consulting course I launched in 2018, and it's selling profitably to this day at $1,997.

Inside Top Gun Consultant, I'll show you the insider secrets proven to make you an extra $10,000 or more PER MONTH using what you already know.

The strategies you'll see inside this course are so revolutionary, I was promising people their $2,000 back if they didn't make a whopping five grand in their first 60 days of joining. But since it's a gift if you join our God Talks Certification, naturally this guarantee doesn't apply.

In Top Gun Consultant, you'll learn how to:

Position yourself as the go-to person in your market or niche.

Make more on every deal you close using the 6 Consultant Pricing Strategies.

Command attention, communicate with influence, and present with authority.

Close deals with a proven system to persuade, influence, and ask for the sale (whether you're selling to one person or to many).

Overdeliver to your clients, create raving fans, and get more referrals, testimonials, and business.

Get everything you need to run a seamless, successful consulting business, all written for you—including appointment setting scripts, confirmation emails, letters to book speaking events, sales and opt-in video scripts, marketing documents, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For your convenience, this program is delivered online, so you get instant access as soon as you enroll. Just check your inbox after enrolling to log in to the training website.

You’ll also get connected to one of my coaches, who can mentor you through the process. (I haven’t mentioned this in this letter because I wanted it to be a nice bonus to show you how much we care about you.)

I’ll just say it: every coaching certification I have ever come across is a gigantic waste of time.

They all teach their method really well, but they all FAIL to show their new coaches how to actually get paid for what they know.

So, there are about a thousand people trained as (Fill-In-The-Blank) coaches who are totally broke because no one taught them how to make money.

That’s what makes this program different.

The God Talks Coaching Method shows you how to…

  • Be a coach
  • AND, make money. You learn to seamlessly close deals by asking great questions.


One of our coaches is 17 years old, and she closed a deal within a week of taking the training.

The GREAT thing about God Talks Coaching is that you are never on the hook to come up with solutions for your clients. All you have to do is give them the exercise that relates to their question and let God do the rest.

Great question!
Here is a little hint: no one likes sales.

That’s why the God Talks Coaching Method is based entirely on asking great questions. From the very first meeting with a prospective client, your only job is to ask questions. (In fact, this system is so easy we even give you the questions word-for-word. Just print the page and go to the meeting).

This process is based on a 100% collaborative approach, where you become an ally to your prospective client. This also means that “selling” or “hard closing” is discouraged.

So there is no “selling.”
If you’re willing to ask the right questions, you’ll do fine.

You should expect to become a master in the God Talks process and to personally hear from God about the following topics: Yourself, Money, Purpose, and Business.

You should expect to fully rewire your brain for success.

You should expect to leave more purposeful, more fearless, and more prosperous.

You should expect to learn how to make a lot of money helping others.

You should expect to receive everything you need to run a successful coaching business.

Of course, the results are really up to you. Someone who spaces out during the sessions will also miss the results. If they are on Facebook at the same time we're doing an exercise, they'll gain nothing.

So come to win.
Dial it in.
Your destiny is worth it.

I can only think of a few reasons.

This program isn’t for…

  • Someone who has no plans of ever taking action (ever).
  • Someone who is unwilling to get out of their personal protective shell so they can help others.
  • Someone who is repelled by money. They consider themselves a socialist so, therefore, they think money is evil and don’t want to have anything to do with it.
  • If any of these are true for you, hard pass.

That said…

  • If you are an action-taker
  • If you like helping people
  • If the idea of a very full bank account is exciting to you…

The training is online, self-paced, and is so comprehensive it requires very little interaction.

However, for your benefit, you will be assigned a coach/mentor who will be available to help you as the need arises.

Plus, we have a monthly Certification Zoom session where you can introduce yourself to the other coaches and get help.

The upfront charge covers your training, test, certification, and listing on our website.

The monthly charge is 100% optional but is designed to continue to equip you for success.

After 30 Days, you will automatically be charged $97.00 a month to maintain your certification. This monthly investment gets you:

  • Ongoing access to a mentor.
  • Monthly coaching Zoom sessions
  • Access to any ongoing certification training.
  • Complimentary tickets for you and a guest to attend any God Talks LIVE event plus additional Bonus and Trainings throughout the year.

Yes, the Certified community usually meets once a month on Zoom and once a year in person.

Plus, you will get access to a coach to help mentor you as needed.

Join the God Talks Certification Now

This is THE system that equips you with a unique skill set, gives you all the tools to get clients, and features you in the renowned God Talks Coach Listing


You can get started right away—
within minutes of enrolling, you can begin your journey!


You Will Make 5 Monthly Payments of Just $897.



Payment Option #2
— Pay in Full —


Earnings Disclaimer / Expectations:

Ed Rush has taught 5 different Certification programs over the last 12 years. Some of the results on this page are from prior programs.

For clarity, anything in a teal/yellow box is a testimonial directly from the God Talks Certification Program. Anything in a blue box is from a prior certification program. The content in God Talks Certification is similar and if anything, has gotten better. You will be learning the same sales system as prior certifications.

However, that begs the question, “What should I expect in terms of results?” Or even, “What is the average result of this program?”

Here you go: the “average” result is nothing.

That’s because…

  • Average people don’t take action.
  • Average people don’t implement.
  • So average people end up with nothing.

Average people are, by definition: average.

But that’s not you, right?
I mean, come on, you didn’t read all the way to the bottom of this letter because you’re average?

What I can promise you is that if you put the time and effort into this program, you will be successful. My team and I will stop at nothing to help you. (Serious.) We want you to succeed…maybe even more than you do.

So why not take a chance on you?
Come on, you can do this.

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