Caroline LaMotte


Holy Spirit led counselor and advisor. Spiritual advisor, intercessor, sounding board, and tactical advise for LaMotte Water Management LLC (2007) and Clean Streams Inc. (2017). Sale, manufacture, and implementation of engineered solutions to water treatment problems.

BA Degree in English. 30 plus years of experience in research and application of natural health including herbal and mineral supplements, essential oils, dietary health, and animal dietary patterns and supplementation.

Research, teaching and coaching healing and deliverance ministry.

Spiritual warfare and how to overcome the enemy and keep him out of your life and relationships. And the most important relationship to build is with God.

Teaching how to put God in your business – making him the CEO that you work for. How to be the Joseph in your company and to your clients – they prosper because they are dealing with you. Creating your day before you start working (makes it work, not labor). Teaming with God to solve and resolve problems for your customers and your company.

Understand how God can help you start businesses – it is His desire.

2021 – Present Movie “A Prophet Like Me” – Ambassador
“A” list movie covering 100 Old Testament prophecies and how Jesus fulfilled them.

2017 – Present Clean Streams Inc. – Director and Support
Manufacture and sales of Ozone Water Treatment systems focused on the industrial water treatment, process water and food industry (bottling). Fabrication, Research &Development, Consulting, Teaching/Training all focused on the industrial water treatment sector.

2007 – Present LaMotte Water Management LLC – Director and Support
Industrial water treatment – Chemical treatment of water in boilers, cooling towers, process water, wastewater, and potable water. Providing engineered solutions to industrial water problems to improve energy efficiency, conserve water and improve equipment longevity. R&D, Consulting, Teaching/Training all focused on the industrial water treatment sector.

Education, Certifications, Accomplishments

BA English – Hollins University – 1978
Ordained – Christ Mandate for Missions – Dr. Jorge Parrot – 2008
Instructor – Palm Tree Intl. School of the Prophets – Dr. Sharon Billins – 2015
Certified God Talks Coach – Ed Rush & God Talks – 2023
Ambassador – “A Prophet Like Me” Movie – Sovereign Right-hand Throne Films