Annie Gaudette


I was bankrupt on a Wednesday, divorced on a Friday, and downsized the next Monday. What a week, huh?!! I can and will tell you the story of when my life imploded. Yet, almost a quarter of a century later, I prefer to talk about the one who walked beside me, lovingly rebuilding my life.

I call him Faithful.

Today, I am a coach, business consultant, writer, and occasional speaker. I work with small business owners as a number-crunching nerd and financial aficionado, and I have over 20 years of accounting experience.

See, we all have two stories, and what I learned is both are true, but only one leads to abundance. My passion is to help others discover their deeper story, the one built on a greater truth! I call it the melody. Once you hear it, it will be your North Star. It will build up your life, your family, and your business, and it will lead you to many adventures.

My coaching style is intuitive, filled with hope, and practical. It was formed in hard places when I, myself, or my clients were staring at the Red Sea in front and an army intent on destruction behind. I have heard his voice say, “Peace, be still,” when, based on the evidence, it seemed the proverbial ‘fat lady’ was singing. The God of redemption always steps into the story, usually at the 11th-ist possible hour. Talk about a drama queen!! LOL.

My passion is to ensure God’s people can hear his heart clearly. I want everyone to truly know this God of miracles who opens his hand with love and creative solutions. There is always a solution!! Let’s find it together.