Kella Olson


Hi, I’m Kella Olson. I’m a Certified God Talks coach and an entrepreneur. Despite all my struggles through some of the most basic high school classes, I graduated at the age of 16. My hobbies include gaming, writing poetry, and hanging out with friends. I live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with my parents, younger sister, and my dog. After I turn 18 I hope to get my own pet friendly apartment and get another dog.

Growing up I always felt close to God but struggled to hear His voice. In 2022 I went to a God Talks event in Bend, OR and had my first God Talks session and I’ve heard Him clearly ever since. In 2023 I graduated high school and my family and friends began pressuring me to get a job and go to college. I decided I would do a God Talks session over what job to get and to my surprise I was told I already had a job prepared and I would start working soon. That November, my mom told me she was thinking about becoming a Certified God Talks coach. She said she could invite a guest to also be certified. When she asked me if I would be her guest, I took the question to God, and He said yes. I strive to help others gain the same clarity I did, and now as a coach I am ready to do just that.