Gary Rush


Gary Rush has been a Business Coach since 2001 and Business Neurostrategist since 2016. He has worked extensively with business owners from around the world to get them and their employees to increase their performance. This has included eliminating mental obstacles that prevent business owners from being their best, how to make optimal decision using Divine Wisdom, identifying blind spots in the business owner’s mindset and their business, and other fundamental aspects of business like increasing revenue and cutting costs.
He has been trained by some of the best coaches in business and performance such as Tony Robbins, neural strategist Steve Linder, Donald Miller- New York Times best selling author and CEO of business made simple and Keith Cunningham business owner and author of the several best-selling books like “The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business.”
Prior to 2001, he worked for the Research Triangle Institute, managing large national surveys where planning and time management were crucial. Part of his role included developing training programs and conducting training sessions for field staff that were hired in each of the cities selected for the survey.
Gary Rush’s expertise is identifying what is preventing the business owner from achieving at the level they deserve, resolving whatever obstacle’s that are preventing them from achieving at optimal levels. In the last couple years Gary has focused on teaching business owners how to use Divine Wisdom so they upgrade their awareness and decision-making abilities. The other area Gary has mastered is how to achieve optimal health and cognitive performance which Gary has found is key to achieve high performance.